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Oil Resistance Single Core 10mm2 Rubber Welding Cable

Oil Resistance Single Core 10mm2 Rubber Welding Cable

  • High Light

    10mm2 Rubber Welding Cable


    Oil Resistance Rubber Welding Cable


    750V Flexible Welding Cable

  • Insulation Material
  • Type
    Rubber Cable
  • Application
    Construction, Welding Machines
  • Conductor Material
  • Jacket
  • Rated Voltage
  • Number Of Cores
    Single Core
  • Temperature Range
  • Voltage
  • Cross-sectional Area
  • Place of Origin
    Henan, China
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
    ISO 9001, SGS
  • Model Number
    Flexible welding Cable
  • Minimum Order Quantity
    500.0 Meter/Meters
  • Packaging Details
    Flexible welding Cable The package is usually wooden drum or steel wooden drum or coil.also according to customer's requirement.
  • Supply Ability
    100 Kilometer/Kilometers per Month

Oil Resistance Single Core 10mm2 Rubber Welding Cable

10mm2 Copper / Aluminum Flexible Welding Cable


Welding cable
The welding cable is a conductor of welding current. It consists of a series of thin copper wires wrapped in a durable non-conductive jacket (usually synthetic rubber or natural rubber in various colors). The thinner copper stranded wire provides greater flexibility for welding cables than other types of electrical conductors, and the insulating sheath is designed to withstand repeated movements on rough surfaces. As the current level increases (in amperes or amperes), the diameter of the welding cable and the cross-sectional area of the resulting copper strand need to increase. The concept is similar to the flow of water through a hose. A larger diameter hose is needed to carry a larger volume of water. You use a smaller hose to water the garden, and the fire department uses a larger hose to extinguish the fire.

Flexible welding Cable Specification



Nominal Approx Nominal Nominal Nominal Nominal Approx. Approx.
Area Conductor Insulation bedding Steel Wire Sheath Overall Weight
  Diameter thickness thickness dia. thickness Diameter  
mm² mm mm mm mm mm mm Kg/km
4x1.5 1.6 0.7 1 0.9 1.8 15 415
4x2.5 2 0.7 1 0.9 1.8 17.5 490
4x4 2.6 0.7 1 0.9 1.8 19 600
4x6 3.1 0.7 1 0.9 1.8 20 730
4x10 4 0.7 1 1.25 1.8 23 970
4x16 5 0.7 1 1.6 1.8 26 1520
4x25 6.3 0.9 1 1.6 1.8 29 2010
4x35 7.4 0.9 1 1.6 1.9 31 2560
4x50 8.8 1 1 1.6 2.1 36 3350



The welding cable is used to power the secondary circuit of the arc welding generator, which controls the electrode that emits electrical charges for welding. The cable is made of soft copper wire and surrounded by a protective layer which has the functions of fire resistance, heat resistance, oil resistance and abrasion resistance.
»Welding cables are divided into different grades according to durability and strength. The wiring itself is usually made of copper and carefully twisted for maximum flexibility. The outer skin of the welding wire can be made of neoprene rubber or EPDM rubber, which is the abbreviation of ethylene propylene diene M grade rubber.





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4. what is the package of the cable ?
The package is usually wooden drum or steel wooden drum or coil.also according to customer’s requirement.