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Qingdao Yilan Cable Co., Ltd. 86-- 18724796885
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Production Line

Qingdao Yicable Cable Co., Ltd. has an insulated wire workshop, a low voltage cable workshop, a high voltage cable workshop and cable accessories, and a copper processing workshop.


All of productions lines and testing instruments ,high - quality equipment and accurate testing instruments could guarantee that cables from Qingdao Yicable Cable meet with standard. Companies can produce according to national or international standards.  

Qingdao Yilan Cable Co., Ltd. factory production line 0





The company has an efficient technical development team, and has accumulated and mastered a full range of experience in design, development, sample production, assembly line production, project management, and quality control standards. We meet the needs of customers with excellent products and excellent service.


Our technical center consists of technical department and R&D department, with a team of experienced technical elites and professional engineers. We not only focus on basic research, but also aim at top advanced technology with great innovation and creative power.