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1.2mm 1000V 4×35mm2 Halogen Free Fire Resistant Cable

1.2mm 1000V 4×35mm2 Halogen Free Fire Resistant Cable

  • High Light

    Halogen Free Fire Resistant Cable


    4×35mm2 Fire Resistant Cable


    1000V Flame Retardant Cable

  • Function
    Fire Resistant
  • Rated Voltage
  • Insulation
  • Sample
    Free For 10cm
  • Number Of Cores
  • Number Of Shares
  • Shell Material
    Low Smoke And Halogen Free
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
  • Minimum Order Quantity
  • Packaging Details
    100m/roll or customized
  • Delivery Time
    As per requirement
  • Supply Ability
    10KM per Week

1.2mm 1000V 4×35mm2 Halogen Free Fire Resistant Cable

Low-smoke halogen-free 4×35mm2 fire-resistant cable


Fireproof cable products

Our fireproof cables are specifically designed to enhance fire performance, including power transmission and auxiliary control in fire alarm systems, voice alarm systems and emergency lighting systems, including applications that comply with BS5266. These cables will form part of the requirements of BS8519 to install fire-resistant power and control cable systems for life safety and fire protection applications.


These fire-resistant single-core and multi-core cables are suitable for many control circuit categories. To increase protection against the risk of mechanical damage, we provide robust Firetec "power" and "impact power" cables, both of which are suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. "Impact power" is designed to withstand direct impact and water jet pressure.


Other fire-resistant cables within our fire resistance range include mineral insulated copper cables (MICC), which are designed for extremely high fire resistance and have good electromagnetic interference protection capabilities. These high temperature cables are manufactured without any plastic insulation and can provide circuit integrity up to 950 o. C. LSZH sheaths with various color options are also available. These cables are mainly used in hazardous and explosive environments or where corrosive chemicals may affect performance. Those devices without a polymer protective layer have obtained ATEX certification and comply with EU directives on working in hazardous or explosive environments.


No.cores x Insulation Nominal Outer Ø weight Current ratings in air 30 Current ratings buried 20 maximum DC resistance at 20
cross-sec. thickness Sheath approx. approx.
mm² mm mm mm kg / km A A Ω/km
4×4 1 1.8 14.9 339 30 38 4.61
4×6 1 1.8 16.1 436 38 48 3.08
4×10 1 1.8 19.3 669 53 66 1.83
4×16 1 1.8 21.8 953 70 86 1.15
4×25 1.2 1.8 26 1374 94 112 0.73
4×35 1.2 1.8 28.7 1810 116 135 0.52
4×50 1.4 1.9 29.5 2312 139 161 0.39


Fire-resistant and flame-retardant cables

There are important differences between fire-resistant cables and flame-retardant cables, even though they have undergone various fire resistance tests to obtain their respective classifications. In short, the design of flame-retardant cables prevents the fire from spreading to new areas. Fire-resistant or fire-resistant cables are designed to maintain circuit integrity and continue to work for a specified time under specified conditions. The distinction between the two is crucial when it comes to maintaining life safety or when critical circuits needed for the plant to be shut down safely immediately.