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450/750V Fireproof Mineral Insulated Cable In Industrial Buildings

450/750V Fireproof Mineral Insulated Cable In Industrial Buildings

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    Fireproof Mineral Insulated Cable


    450/750V Mineral Insulated Cable


    450/750V mi thermocouple cable

  • Product Name
    450/750V Mineral Insulated Cable
  • Insulation Material
  • Conductor Material
  • Outer Jacket
    Clean & Smooth PVC
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    Industrial Buildings
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    Wooden drum
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    7 Days after received deposit
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    L/C, T/T

450/750V Fireproof Mineral Insulated Cable In Industrial Buildings

450/750V Fireproof Mineral Insulated Cable In Industrial Buildings


The Mineral Insulated Cable is suitable for use in industrial buildings, civil buildings transmission and distribution lines for fire and
emergency systems.


Structure of flexible fireproof cable


1. Cable conductor: it is made up of stranded copper wires, with favorable flexural property


2. Insulation layer : it adopts high-temperature resistant inorganic insulating materials

3. Copper sheath: copper materials, through special machining, with favorable flexural property. used as PE wire.

4. Outer sheath: it is made of plastic materials of low-smoke non-toxicity, with favorable corrosion protection.


Mineral Insulated Cable Parameters


Weight of cable approx. Voltage drop Mini
Single phase Three phase
mm2 mm kg/km V/ V/ mm
3 x 1.5 10.7 273.3 30.8 26.7 160.5
3 x 2.5 11.6 319.4 18.9 16.4 174.0
3 x 4 12.5 398.3 11.8 10.2 187.5
3 x 6 13.7 479.9 7.9 6.81 205.5
3 x 10 17.3 636.1 4.7 4.05 259.5
3 x 16 19.5 846.8 2.94 2.55 292.5
3 x 25 22.3 1,192.9 1.87 1.62 334.5
3 x 35 25.2 1,518.8 1.35 1.17 378.0
3 x 50 28.6 1,950.5 1.01 0.87 429.0
3 x 70 32.7 2,629.9 0.71 0.61 490.5
3 x 95 37.1 3,588.8 0.52 0.454 556.5
3 x 120 40.9 4,379.3 0.43 0.371 613.5


Model of flexible fireproof cable




Y: series Symbol

T: Cooper conductor

T: Copper sheath

W: Inorganic insulation


According to national standards, fire-resistant wire and cable: fire test method characteristic test, According to GB12666. 6 Class A, burn in fire with flame temperature 950℃ apply voltage of 750V between phase and phase and between phase and outer sheath it should be able to withstand for 90min without breakdown.


Class B, bun in fire with flame temperature 750-800 ° C, apply voltage of 750V between phase and phase and between phase and sheath it should be able to withstand for 90 min without breakdown.


2. According to the BS6378, flexible fireproof cable satisfies the following requirements:


Class A 650 ℃ 3h

Class B 750 ℃ 3h

Class C 950 ℃ 3h

Class S 950 ℃ 20min


1. Excellent fireproof property, the fireproof rating not only satisfies the national standard GB1266.6: category A 950 ℃ 90 min, hut also meet up with the U. K. standard BS 187-1994: Class A 650℃ 3h: class B 750℃ 3h; class C 950 ℃ 3h meanwhile, it also is able to withstand the water spraying or mechanical strike;


2. Long continuous length: the length can satisfy the length demand for power supply in spite of single-core or multi-core cable, and continuous length of each cable can be as long as 1000 m.


3. Large cross sectional area, sectional area of single-core cable reaches 630mm2 and that of multi-core cable reaches 70 mm2.


4. Property of flexibility, the cable can be wound on the cable reeI with the bending radius 6-10D, (D is the outer diameter of cable):


5. Smoke-free non-toxicity when burning, it adopts inorganic materials (non-inflammable materials) for insulation its burning would not produce any harmful gas or secondary

pollution it is an environmental protection product;


6. High overload capacity, the cable not only is high in current carrying capacity, but also has large overload capacity. According to the wiring requirements, the surf ace temperature of cable usually is 70 ℃ if it will not be touched or will not contact with flammable building materials the temperature of cable sheath can be heighten to 105 ℃. When coming across overload, long-term working temperature of fireproof cable can reach 250 ℃ ;


7. Property of corrosion proof, organic insulated fireproof requires plastic tube or tube or iron tube sometimes, the plastic tube is liable to deteriorate and iron tube is apt to rust or erode, but the fireproof cable has copper sheath and the tube is need-less, besides, copper sheath has favorable corrosion resistance.


8. Free of electromagnetic interference when wiring in the same vertical shaft with information wire and control wire because of shielding of copper sheath the fireproof cable would not interfere the single and control wires or cables ;


9. Tinguishing apparatus normally in flame, it reduces fire damage, extinguishing apparatus normally in flame, it reduces fire damage. Besides, it is reliable for personnel safety, as its copper sheath is a kind of good conductor, is the best earthed PE wire and covers the whole cable, the life of up to 100 years ;

10. Long service life, high-temperature resistance and degradation resistance of inorganic insulated material its service life is many times of that of organic insulated cables, under normal working conditions, its service Life can be as long as that of buildings;

11. Transportation and packaging of flexible fireproof cables including installation fittinos are simple nearly the same as that of general cables;

12. Favorable economical efficiency, due to advanced manufacturing processes and simple installation overall cost of flexible fireproof cable is much iower than that of mineral insulated cable under the same conditions.