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Fireproof Coating Copper 3 Core XLPE Insulated Cable

Fireproof Coating Copper 3 Core XLPE Insulated Cable

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    3 Core XLPE Insulated Cable


    Copper Core XLPE Insulated Cable


    IEC 60502-1 XLPE Insulated Cable

  • Name
    Copper Conductor Cable
  • Conductor Material
  • Standard
    IEC 60502-1
  • Outer Sheath
  • Color
  • Type
    XLPE Underground Cable
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
  • Minimum Order Quantity
  • Price
  • Packaging Details
    Iron-wooden Drum or Whole Wooden Drum
  • Delivery Time
    8-15 days
  • Payment Terms
    L/C, T/T
  • Supply Ability
    100km per Month

Fireproof Coating Copper 3 Core XLPE Insulated Cable

3-core XLPE/PVC insulated copper core power cable

XLPE insulated power cable  application:
We can produce 6, 12kv, 8.7/15kv of various power cable transmission and transformation lines with rated voltage (U0/U) from 0.6/1 kv to 1.8/3kv, 3.6/6kv, 3.6/7.2kv, 6/10kv , 8.7/17.5kv, 12/20kv, 12/24kv, 18/30kv, 18/36kv are used for waterproof purposes.


Physical and Electrical Characteristics


No.cores xInsulationSheathOuter ØweightCurrent ratings in air 30℃Current ratings buried 20℃
mm²mmmmmmmmkg / kmAA




2. Standard:
And our products can be designed according to customer requirements to meet IEC standards or CE, DIN, VDE, BS, AS, GB, NZS, GOST, NFC, UL, ANSI standards.
3. Outstanding performance:
This kind of cable has a special fireproof coating, so it has excellent heat insulation and fireproof performance. It is mainly used for fire protection, surveillance and alarm equipment in modern urban buildings and places with strict safety requirements, such as emergency lighting, control and power circuits, power stations, fire alarm systems, underground tunnels, elevators, escalators and high-rise buildings.
When burning, this kind of cable will not diffuse and burn, will not emit halogen and low smoke, is non-toxic, can protect people from suffocation and corrosion, and can help the instrument avoid damage. Compared with PVC cables, XLPE cables have a higher long-term working temperature and a larger rated current. Under the same conditions, the XLPE insulation layer is thinner than that of PE or PVC, which not only improves the quality and performance of the cable, but also Reduced our production costs.
4. Product features:
1) The smallest. Installation environment temperature: 0°C
2) The highest. Normal continuous working temperature: 90°C
3) The highest. Allowable conductor temperature during short circuit (up to 5s): 250°C
4) Allowable bending radius:
Single core: ≥20 (d + D) ± 5%
Three cores: ≥15 (d + D) ± 5%
(D is the actual total diameter of the cable, d is the actual total diameter of the conductor)
5. Nominal cross-sectional area:
We can design and produce cables with nominal cross-sections from 1.5mm2 2.5mm2 to 4mm2 with a cross-sectional area of ​​6mm2 10mm2 16mm2 25mm2 35mm2 50mm2 70mm2 95mm2 120mm2 150mm2 185mm2 240mm2 300mm2 400mm2 500mm2 630mm 800mm2