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1kV Copper Fire Resistant LSZH Mineral Insulated Cable

1kV Copper Fire Resistant LSZH Mineral Insulated Cable

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    LSZH Mineral Insulated Cable


    1kV Mineral Insulated Cable


    Copper Conductor Multicore Flexible Cable

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    Mineral Insulated Cable
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    Clean & Smooth PVC
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    Wooden drum
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    7 Days after received deposit
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1kV Copper Fire Resistant LSZH Mineral Insulated Cable

BBTRZ mineral insulated fire-resistant cable


Product Features


(1) Fire prevention. BBTRZ cable uses mica tape and extruded composite insulation, using refractory materials


Mortar insulation and fire protection, the new material product can pass the BS 6387 standard C level test under 950℃ flame for 80 minutes, no electrical breakdown; 15 minutes after 15 minutes of water immersion, W650℃ flame, no breakdown, b level test at 950 No breakdown within 15 minutes under flame at ℃.


(2) Flexible. The conductor of the BBTRZ cable is made of copper stranded wire, and the insulation layer is made of mica tape and extruded composite material. Fire-resistant clay is used as heat insulation and fireproof material and halogen-free, low-smoke flame-retardant sheath material. The product is more flexible .


(3) Environmental protection. The burning transmittance of BBTRZ cable exceeds 80% (the standard is 60%), which meets the requirements of low smoke. Since the cable insulation and sheath materials are inorganic compounds, there is no usual PVC material. Therefore, even under fire conditions, no acid gas is emitted, nor halogens are generated.


(4) Security. It can supply power in the flame, start fire-fighting equipment, reduce fire losses, and is particularly reliable for personal safety.


(5) Long service life. Inorganic insulating materials can withstand high temperatures and are not easy to age, and their service life is many times that of organic insulated cables.


(6) Easy to install. There are few or no joints in cable joints. Compared with magnesium oxide fire-fighting cables, the construction is convenient and the installation cost is low.


(7) Good economy. Due to advanced production technology and simple installation, under the same conditions, the true comprehensive cost is more than 30% lower than the cost of oxidized plug-in mineral insulated cables.


(8) Reminder: When multiple BBTRZ cables are directly buried, their length shall not exceed 6. The distance between the cables should be as far as possible to provide enough cooling space for the cables. Before laying the BBTRZ cable, please fully consider the heat dissipation performance of the soil, sand, cable duct or cable duct around the cable, and make sure to correct the thermal resistance coefficient of the cable so that the BBTRZ cable can be used normally and safely for a long time.

Weight of cable approx. Voltage drop Mini
Single phase Three phase
mm2 mm kg/km V/ V/ mm
3 x 1.5 10.7 273.3 30.8 26.7 160.5
3 x 2.5 11.6 319.4 18.9 16.4 174.0
3 x 4 12.5 398.3 11.8 10.2 187.5
3 x 6 13.7 479.9 7.9 6.81 205.5
3 x 10 17.3 636.1 4.7 4.05 259.5
3 x 16 19.5 846.8 2.94 2.55 292.5
3 x 25 22.3 1,192.9 1.87 1.62 334.5
3 x 35 25.2 1,518.8 1.35 1.17 378.0
3 x 50 28.6 1,950.5 1.01 0.87 429.0
3 x 70 32.7 2,629.9 0.71 0.61 490.5
3 x 95 37.1 3,588.8 0.52 0.454 556.5
3 x 120 40.9 4,379.3 0.43 0.371 613.5




(1) Fire fighting system of various buildings.


(2) High-rise civil buildings, office buildings, hotels, large shopping centers, exhibition centers, museums, libraries, hospitals, stadiums, airports, etc.


(3) High temperature field, such as steel, smelting, glass and other workshops.


(4) Inflammable and explosive fields, such as petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, nuclear energy and military enterprises.


(5) National defense projects, such as ships, aviation, aerospace, satellite launches, control centers, etc.


Product structure


---Conductor material


Ordinary annealed copper wire, strand grade 2.


---Insulation Materials


Inorganic mineral insulating compound with mica tape.


---Insulation material


XLPE (cross-linked polyethylene)




Mg(OH)2 or Al(OH)3 refractory


---Sheath material


LSZH (Low Smoke Zero Halogen)


-Core number


1C, 2C, 3C, 4C, 5C, 3C + E, 3C + 2E, 4C + E


-Voltage rate


0.6/1kV, 600/1000V


-Operating temperature


Normal: -15℃~+250℃, special period: 1083℃


-Minimum bending radius


10 x outer diameter


---Production standards


JG/T 313-2014, GB/T 34926-2017, IEC 60702, BS 6387