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Stranded Copper Core Halogen Free Mineral Insulated Cable

Product Details:
Brand Name: HOLD-ONE
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Minimum Order Quantity: 100m
Packaging Details: Wooden drum
Delivery Time: 7 Days after received deposit
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
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Detail Information

Product Name: Mineral Insulated Cable Insulation Material: PVC
Conductor Material: Copper Outer Jacket: Clean & Smooth PVC
Type: Insulated Number Of Conductors: Multicore
High Light:

Halogen Free Mineral Insulated Cable


Stranded Copper Mineral Insulated Cable


OD 10.7mm Mineral Insulated Cable

Product Description

Multi-core MICC mineral insulated cable


Copper core aluminum sheathed flexible mineral insulated cable
1. Conductor: It is made of stranded copper wires with good bending performance.
2. Insulation: Use high temperature resistant, non-combustible inorganic insulating materials.
3. Metal shell: made of aluminum alloy.
4. Outer sheath: Use environmentally friendly, aging-resistant, weather-resistant, low-smoke, and halogen-free sheath materials.
5. Suitable for indoor and outdoor laying, able to withstand external mechanical forces.
Method of choosing
1. In the following cases, flexible mineral insulated cables with plastic sheaths should be used:
The cable is placed in an environment that corrodes the copper sheath.
The cables are buried directly or laid through pipes.
The cables are laid in non-technical spaces of buildings and have aesthetic requirements. Where there is a fire protection requirement, a halogen-free and low-smoke plastic enclosure should be used.
Weight of cable approx. Voltage drop Mini
Single phase Three phase
mm2 mm kg/km V/A.km V/A.km mm
3 x 1.5 10.7 273.3 30.8 26.7 160.5
3 x 2.5 11.6 319.4 18.9 16.4 174.0
3 x 4 12.5 398.3 11.8 10.2 187.5
3 x 6 13.7 479.9 7.9 6.81 205.5
3 x 10 17.3 636.1 4.7 4.05 259.5
3 x 16 19.5 846.8 2.94 2.55 292.5
3 x 25 22.3 1,192.9 1.87 1.62 334.5
3 x 35 25.2 1,518.8 1.35 1.17 378.0
3 x 50 28.6 1,950.5 1.01 0.87 429.0
3 x 70 32.7 2,629.9 0.71 0.61 490.5
3 x 95 37.1 3,588.8 0.52 0.454 556.5
3 x 120 40.9 4,379.3 0.43 0.371 613.5


2. Specification selection
Determine the maximum operating temperature of the cable according to the cable laying environment, reasonably select the corresponding cable current, and determine the cable specifications.
2.1: There are two types of flexible mineral insulated cables according to the cable temperature
Carrying capacity: at 70°C
Ampacity at 105°C
2.2: The current carrying capacity of the selected cable should be in accordance with the normal operating temperature of 70 0 C under the following laying conditions:
Clean lines along walls, brackets, roofs and bridges.
It is routed together with other types of cables in the same bridge, shaft, cable trench, and cable tunnel.
Other places where the temperature of the cable sheath is too high may cause personal injury or equipment damage.
2.3: Place the cables in the bridge, cable trench and the place where the unmanned machine wears the pipe. The current carrying capacity can be selected according to the normal operating temperature 105 0 C
. 2.4: The specifications of flexible mineral insulated cables should be reasonably determined according to the actual length of the line and the length of delivery of the cable.
3. Design points
3.1 The copper sheath can be used as a ground wire, so PE wire is usually not needed.
3.2 Replacing bus ducts with flexible mineral insulated cables with large cross-sections can reduce engineering investment and improve line safety.




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