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OEM Copper Clad Aluminum Wire Used For Electric Transmission And Distribution System

OEM Copper Clad Aluminum Wire Used For Electric Transmission And Distribution System

  • High Light

    copper clad aluminum conductor


    copper covered aluminum wiring

  • Color Of Insulation
    Two Core:Red,Blue Three Core:Blue,Black,Brown Four Core:Yellow/Green,Blue,Black,Brown,Or According To Customer's Requirment.
  • Application
    Laying Indoor, Used For Electric Transmission And Distribution System
  • Test Voltage
  • Conductor Type
    Conductor Type:
  • Standard
    EC 60502-1,UL1581
  • Main Market
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
  • Minimum Order Quantity
  • Price
    USD 0.86 To 9.99 /m
  • Packaging Details
    wooden drum,drum size:1.8x1.8x1.4m,for 20 ft container can load 4 packages.
  • Delivery Time
    10-15 days
  • Payment Terms
    L/C, T/T, Western Union
  • Supply Ability

OEM Copper Clad Aluminum Wire Used For Electric Transmission And Distribution System

4 Core - 5 Core Copper Clad Aluminum Cable Galvanized Steel Wire Armoured



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Product Description


Copper clad aluminum wire and covered with welding manufacturing technology, high-quality copper cladding concentrically on the outer surface of the aluminum rod or steel wire core wire, and the formation of a strong metallurgical bond between the atoms between the copper layer and the core, so that two different metal materials combined into an integral whole, can make as drawing and annealing process as a single metal wire drawing process of copper and aluminum with adjustable proportion to the copper layer volume ratio remained relatively constant constant.

Product Structure:

Copper clad aluminum conductor
XLPE or PVC insulation
PVC or polyolefin sheath sheath


Product Features Analysis:


1, DC resistivity: copper clad aluminum wire copper line resistivity large than about 1.5 times the copper wire, the female values are the same, copper clad aluminum wire copper wire weighs about 1/2.

2, The use of copper clad aluminum conductor can be continued for many years to meet the current in the wire and cable product selection, design, installation and other habits, also pressed the cable terminals, enabling soldering.

3, Lower AC resistance:

4, Light weight and low cost: Compared with the same technical specifications of copper cable, copper clad aluminum conductor cable cost savings of more than 40%, copper clad aluminum / copper composite conductor cable cost savings of more than 20%.

5, Good weldability: copper clad aluminum wire because of its surface coated with a layer of concentric copper, with copper wire so it has the same weldability, to facilitate the production




One is the signal or communication purposes copper clad aluminum cable, and the other is for power supply


Voltage level



Type and Data

0.6/1KV Single Core

Nominal section of conductor Nominal insulation thicknes (mm) Thickness of sheath (mm)

Cable diameter


Reference Weight


20℃ Max DC resistance of conductor(Ω/KM)
1x2.5 0.8 1.8 7.5 63 10.8
1x4 1.0 1.8 8.5 80 6.92
1x6 1.0 1.8 9.0 94 4.35
1x10 1.0 1.8 10.0 126 2.70
1x16 1.0 1.8 11.5 161 1.74
1x25 1.2 1.8 13.5 225 1.10
1x35 1.2 1.8 14.0 277 0.765
1x50 1.4 1.8 16.0 355 0.539
1x70 1.4 1.8 17.5 460 0.386
1x95 1.6 1.8 20.0 603 0.284
1x120 1.6 1.8 21.5 722 0.220
1x150 1.8 1.8 24.0 871 0.173
1x185 2.0 1.8 26.0 1065 0.141
1x240 2.2 2.0 30.0 1364 0.102
1x300 2.4 2.2 32.0 1687 0.0843