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Wire and cable sheath wear test method

January 20, 2020

Wire and cable wear resistance includes two aspects:

a) the ability of the sheath to withstand abrasion;
b) The ability of the cable marking to resist wear.

The purpose of this test is to determine the ability of the cable jacket to withstand wear.

The specimen shall be a length of cable sufficient to carry out the specified test and is typically 750 mm in length.

Wire and cable wear resistance testing machine:

The wire and cable sheath abrasion tester shall be capable of rubbing the surface of the cable back and forth in a direction parallel to the longitudinal axis of the cable at a frequency of (5 ± 5) cycles per minute over a length of (10 ± 1) mm. The rubbing edge moves back and forth once to form a loop.


The wiping edge shall be a steel needle whose diameter is to comply with the specifications in the detailed specification.
Wire and cable wear tester test steps:
1. Fasten the specimen with a length of approximately 750 mm to the support plate with a cable clamp. Then, the weight should be loaded on the wiping edge to produce the force stated in the detailed specification on the cable, while avoiding collision with the cable.
2. Unless otherwise specified in the detailed specification, perform 4 tests on each sample, move the sample forward 100 mm before the next test, and always rotate the 90° angle in the same direction.


Test requirements:
After the specified number of cycles has been completed, the sheath shall be free of perforations and the fiber shall maintain optical continuity.


To be specified:
The detailed specification should include the following:
a) the number of cycles;
b) needle rod diameter;
c) the force applied.